Cell fluorescence imaging system is applied in brain neuroscience, cancer research, stem cell research, cardiovascular research and drug research. For example, it can be used to dynamically monitor calcium ion rheology, study nerve regeneration, study the growth, migration and behavior of stem cells in vivo. With miniaturized optical fiber probe, It can be used to automatically analyze the diameter, length, area and volume of blood vessel network. It can also be used to study drug targeting and penetration in vivo.

Our Features:

Ultra-high resolution imaging of organs, tissues and cells in vivo was performed for different experimental animals, including but not limited to fruit flies, zebrafish, mice, rabbits and plants;

Fundus retina fluorescence imaging can be performed without damage. ;

Non-invasive measurement of skin, body cavity, abdominal cavity, brain and other tissues;

Experimental design is benefited from effectively expanding of the scope of research.

Cell Fluorescent Imaging System Application: